Aussie Pumps Hydrotek Wet Steam Cleaner – 4000 PSI


 The Hydrotek series are compact, high pressure, mobile steam cleaners with serious cleaning power.

They are designed to perform heavy duty cleaning without needing any outside electrical power.

These units are ideal for property management companies, farmers, mechanics or anyone requiring a mobile cleaning solution for dirt, grease and grime.

– 4,000 psi heavy duty triplex pump with brass pump head

– 18HP Industrial Vanguard twin cylinder engine with electric start

– Adjustable temperature up to 130°C, steam melts grease without using chemicals

– Water tight electrical box with battery

– Robust “Pro-tect” steel frame with built-in lifting eyes for transportation

– Stainless steel panels and boiler cover

– Pro accessories included; 15m double wire braid hot water hose, stainless steel lance and pro gun.

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Aussie Pumps Hydrotek Wet Steam Cleaner – 4000 PSI

Aussie Pumps Hydrotek Wet Steam Cleaner is a combination of pressure and steam gives this unit real capability. These heavy duty machines are designed for applications like contract cleaning, construction site or mine plant wash-down, property cleaning and graffiti removal.

Units can be Ute or trailer mounted with a water tank to make a self-contained cleaning system.

Pair with Aussie’s range of hot water high pressure accessories to slash cleaning times by up to 75%. Flat surface cleaners, turbos, grit blasters and hose reel kits are all matched to the Hydrotek to make an efficient, environmentally friendly cleaning system.

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