Aussie Pumps Scud 400 Pro Honda blaster – 4000 PSI

4,000 psi Honda Professional, Slow Speed Blaster …. made in Australia

The ergonomic design and top quality components make this robust, high pressure cleaner a favourite with serious cleaning contractors. Gearbox drive means the pump runs at a slow speed, increasing the life expectancy of the unit and making it suitable for continuous cleaning applications.

– Genuine Honda GX engine (3 year engine warranty)

– “Big Berty” Bertolini pump with 4 year warranty

– Ergonomic Scud style gal frame (registered design) with steel wheels & flat-free tyres  … balanced and easy to move

– Pro accessories included; 10m double wire braid hose, dual stainless steel lance, pro gun

– FREE Aussie Safety Protection Kit… protects operator & pump against pressure spikes and extended by-pass running

– Optional ‘easy fit’ hose reel

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Aussie Pumps Scud 400 Pro Honda blaster – 4000 PSI

Aussie Pumps Scud 400 Pro Honda blaster is heavy duty & designed for continuous cleaning applications like contract cleaning, construction site or mine plant wash-down, property cleaning, and graffiti removal.

Electric start, diesel drive and mine spec versions also available.

Pair with Aussie’s professional range of high pressure accessories to slash cleaning times by up to 75%. Flat surface cleaners, turbos, grit blasters and hose reel kits are all matched to the Scud 400 to make an efficient, environmentally friendly cleaning system.

The New Aussie Scud system been designed to provide cleaning professionals with cost effective cleaning solutions with minimal environmental impact. It includes a new range of petrol and diesel drive pressure cleaners and a selection of accessories which maximise efficiency and reduce the amount of water, fuel and time used.

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