Supporting a Green Cleaning Program


This introductory sustainability course covers the knowledge and skills required to participate in environmentally sustainable work practices more commonly known as a ‘Green Cleaning Program’. The course is designed for all staff working in any cleaning operation.

The course teaches students to identify current resource usage in the workplace; understand how to perform a simple site audit to recognise sustainable (green) improvements; eliminate and/or replace hazardous chemicals with less hazardous chemicals; reduce the use of resources and select appropriate chemicals and equipment to support a green cleaning program.

All areas of a cleaning and/or housekeeping program are reviewed and processes for improvement identified for each key area.

Throughout this course emphasis is placed on communicating positive outcomes to the team, management and building occupants. People need to see results and understand improvements to ensure everyone supports the green cleaning program.

In this course you will learn how to:

Section 1 – Identify and measure resources

Section 2 – Implement and follow procedures

Section 3 – Improving environmental performance


This course covers all required knowledge content for the following competency units:

CPPCMN3001B   Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

Cost $29.70 (incl. GST)
Unit code & name Supporting a green cleaning program
Pre-requisite None
Delivery 100% online, no classroom or assignments.
Time 3 minutes to enrol,  4-6 hours – self paced
Payment Paypal or Mastercard/Visa through our Eway internet payment facility.


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