Tork S1 Liquid Soaps

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Tork S1 Liquid Soaps

High capacity vacuum sealed disposable soap cartridge system for added hygiene. Versatile range of dermatologically tested soap. One refill provides 1,000 portions.
Tork S1 Liquid Soaps

Septone Orange Scrub Hand Cleaner

Septone Orange Scrub Hand Cleaner is a heavy duty hand cleaner containing high quality citrus oils and a fast working pumice abrasive. It is designed to remove most industrial soils including dirt, mud, dusts, coal dusts, oils, greases and solvents. Orange Scrub contains no petroleum solvents...
Septone Orange Scrub Hand CleanerSeptone Orange Scrub Hand Cleaner

Deb Solopol GFX Gritty Power Foam Starter Pack

Deb Solopol GFX Gritty Power Foam Starter Pack Contains: 2 x GFX 3.25L Cartridges + 1 x GFX 3.25L Dispenser. Solopol® GFX™ - A unique heavy duty hand cleaner that powers away dirt whilst caring for the skin. [su_youtube url="" width="240" height="200"]

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