Aussie Pumps Black Box – 2000 PSI

Powerful | portable | professional


 – 2,175 psi max pump pressure

– 3,400 psi effective working pressure with Aussie Turbo Master turbo lance

– Compact design

– Heavy duty 4 pole, slow speed motor

– Brass head triplex pump

– Pro gun & Vario lance

– Normal 10 amp plug, 240 volt

– FREE turbo lance … maximise your effective working pressure for fast results

– 8m rubber wire braid professional HP hose.

– Thermal dump to protect pump from extended by-pass running

– Detergent injection (not for use with 15m hose)

– Optional heavy duty trolley (supplied flat pack) and hose reel kit

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Aussie Pumps Black Box – 2000 PSI – 30 kgs of cleaning dynamite

Aussie Pumps Black Box is a compact, commercial pressure cleaner which suits property cleaning, vehicle and plant wash down, and cleaning farm equipment. It is also popular with plumbers who need a portable jetter for use indoors clearing small drains. (Optional drain jetting kit available).

If features a 4 pole, heavy duty motor and brass head triplex pump.

The compact size and convenient lifting handle mean this unit is easily moved, plugged in and ready for action in seconds.

Standard accessories included;  8 metre double wire braid hose, Vario lance, pro gun and turbo lance.

Can be optioned with a heavy duty trolley and hose reel kit. Optional hose reel comes with 15 metres of double wire braid hose.

FASTER     |    SMARTER    |   SAFER



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