Aussie Pumps King Cobra Vanguard Jetter – 5000 PSI

5,000 psi Aussie King Cobra Vanguard Jetter, made in Australia

For draining clearing specialist plumbers.

This B Class jetter (operators must be certified, refer AUS/NZ4233.1)

– Genuine industrial twin Vanguard petrol engine with emergency stop fitted

– Premium “Big Berty” Bertolini pump heavy duty pump designed for continuous service … 4 year warranty

– 30 litre stainless steel break tank with cut off float and low water cut out pump protection

– Gal roll frame with anti-vibration mounts with 10” pneumatic wheels with sealed bearings

– NEW 5,000 psi rated hose reel with 60m ¼” R8 high quality sewer hose

– ASP (Aussie Safety Protection) including unloader valve and safety valve.

– Complete 7 piece Aussie Jetters Nozzle Box for clearing a range of chokes

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Aussie Pumps King Cobra Vanguard Jetter – 5000 PSI – Made in Australia – For draining clearing specialist plumbers.

Aussie Pumps King Cobra Vanguard Jetter is heavy duty & designed by plumbers, for plumbers.

Compact design, top quality components and powerful engines give these jetters outstanding performance.

Chokes in drains to 9” can be cleared in minutes. By removing the wheels, the frame can be secured into the back of ute using the unique Cobra Loc.

Pair with an Aussie Viper Mini reel for an extra 60m reach and remote control of the jetter.

Aussie 5,000 psi King Cobra Vanguard … REAL CAPABILITY!

FASTER     |    SMARTER    |   SAFER



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