Tailored Packaging LDPE Plain Bags 25UM

Available in 12 sizes

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Tailored Packaging LDPE Plain Bags 25UM

Tailored Packaging LDPE Plain Bags 25UM are low density polyethylene bags and are the workhorse of the plastic bag industry. Their usage can vary from packaging nuts and bolts to bulk grain storage. This product is also used as a dust cover for machinery. Choose from our wide range of sizes and thicknesses.

Features and Benefits:

– Large range of sizes
– Provides ability to pre-pack products for further distribution
– Food Grade
– High Quality
– Large Variety of sizes and microns


– Clear LDPE


150mm x 100mm, 230mm x 150mm, 255mm x 205mm, 305mm x 205mm, 305mm x 255mm, 330mm x 230mm, 380mm x 230mm, 405mm x 305mm, 430mm x 255mm, 455mm x 255mm, 455mm x 305mm, 510mm x 355mm


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