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Livi Oxy-Gen Air Freshener Refills

7 different Scents available all with various fragrance intensity. Each refill is guaranteed to last 60 days.

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Livi Oxy-Gen Air Freshener Refills

The Livi Oxy-gen air freshener refills system offers air freshness technology that is unparalleled. By harnessing pure oxygen, this Livi system means continuous neutralising of the air. It also adds a fresh, clean scent, and there are several fragrance options. There are 30ml of fragrance in every refill, and you will not find any solvents, propellants, or emissions to worry about.

Livi Oxy-Gen air freshener refills carton of 6 with a simple to install twist and go mechanism. 7 different unique Scents available with fresh and colourful fragrances of varying intensities. Each refill contains 30ml of pure fragrance and is guaranteed to last for 60 days.




Charm, Spa, Crush, Flair, Tang, Glow, Adore

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