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Gerni Classic 115.3 Car High Pressure Cleaner

Compact high pressure cleaner ideal for basic outdoor cleaning

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Gerni Classic 115.3 Car High Pressure Cleaner

Gerni Classic 115.3 Car High Pressure Cleaner is perfect for high pressure cleaning around the home. Use it for stairways, driveways, vehicles and retaining walls.

Gerni. The Only Gerni

You can make good use of the Gerni Classic 115.3 pressure cleaner around your home. It has a 5m hose, wheels and a built-in trolley making it ideal for outdoor cleaning tasks.

    • CLICK & CLEAN nozzle system ensures easy and fast change of nozzles
    • Reliable aluminium pump
    • Trolley for high mobility
    • Automatic start/stop
    • Easy to handle operate
    • Wheels make mobility a breeze
    • The 115.3PC model includes Compact Patio cleaner.


Pump pressure (bar/MPa): max. 110 / max. 11

Voltage: 320
rated power: 1.4 kW
Power consumption: 6.1 kW
Water Flow: 440-320 l/p
Cable length: 5 m
Hose length: 5 m
Weight: 6.6 kg

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