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3M Clean-Walk Framed Mat 5840

– 60 Sheets

3M Clean-Walk are a multi sheet adhesive system that captures dirt on contact from shoes, wheel and other passing objects.The top sheet easily peels away when soiled, instantly exposing a fresh, ready-to-use adhesive sheet.

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3M Clean-Walk Framed Mat 5840

3M Clean-Walk Framed Mat 5840 is for carpeted surfaces, and is used to remove dirt and other contaminates from the bottom of shoes, wheels or any passing objects. They contain antimicrobial properties that inhibit fungal growth on the mat, ideal for contamination in sensitive operations such as clean rooms. Reduces maintenence and replacement costs due to premature wear of flooring surfaces. Movable frame allows for positioning on carpets and other surfaces. Portability is an important feature if used in static sensitive areas because the mat can be removed from the area to isolate static charge that may be occur when sheets are removed.


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