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Davidson Washroom Diamond Screen Urinal Mat CU-400

Davidson Washroom Diamond Screen Urinal Mat is suitable for use in private and public restrooms. Designed to last approximately 30 days they are available in Citrus, Mango, Strawberry, Evergreen, Passionfruit, Mountain Breeze and Cinnamon fragrances. LATEST GENERATION OF URINAL MATS Available in packs of 12

Davidson Washroom Toilet Bowl Clips

Scented Toilet Bowl Clips Box 12 Avaiable in 4 scents

Davidson Washroom Urinal Screens

Diamond Urinal Screens Box 12 Avaiable in 7 different Scents

RapidClean EKCOSCREEN Urinal Screens – 60 Days

EKCOSCREEN urinal Screen - Zero splash back from optimal bristle technology - 60 Day performance - Packs of 2, Cartons of 12 - Designed for water and water-less urinals - Anti UTI microbes for health sector protection - Fresh scent - Available in Purple Cherry,...

RapidClean Urinal Screen 30 Days

Choose from Mango Bay, Mountain Air, Melon Mist or Sunburst scents.

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