3M Oil & Petroleum Sorbent Spill Kit 190L

Kit Contains: 25x 3M Oil Sorbent Pads HP156 2x 3M Double Booms T280 2x 3M Folded Petroleum Rolls -PFL550DD 2x 3M Respirator 3M 4251 (A1P2) 2x 3M Fahrenheit™ Safety Goggles 2x 3M 4530 Disposable Coveralls XL 2x Pair Oil Resistant Gloves 1x 240L Wheelie Bin...

3M Oil & Petroleum Sorbent Spill Kit 45L

Kit Contains: 17x 3M Oil Sorbent Pads HP156, 6x 3M Oil Sorbent Mini Booms T4, 1x 3MRespirator 3M 4251 (A1P2), 1x 3M Fahrenheit™ Safety Goggles, 1x 3M 4530 Disposable Coveralls XL, 1x Pair Oil Resistant Gloves, 1x 60L Drum, 1x Contaminated Waste Bag, 1x Spill...

3M Oil & Petroleum Sorbent Spill Kit SRCB-Petro

- Cabin Bag - 25L 3M Oil & Petroleum Sorbent is hydrophobic (repels water), so is ideal for absorbing Oil and Petroleum based fluids from places where water may be present.

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