3M Easy Scrub Express Flat Mop Tool

- With Pad Holder - 40 cm - 1/case Flat mop tool used for fast, efficient and lightweight cleaning.

3M Easy Scrub Flat Mop Pads

- 46 cm - 10/bag, 4 bags/case Flat mops for 3M Easy Scrub Flat Mop System.
3M Easy Scrub Flat Mop Pads

3M Easy Shine Applicator Kit

With the 3M Easy Shine Applicator System you can use most conventional floor finishes and cleaning chemicals to get results you can be proud of every time.

Rubbermaid HYGEN Mcrofibre Super Scrubber Mop

18" Microfibre Scrubber Pad - removes dirt without streaking or smearing - reduces the risk of cross-transmission - strips effectively - Durable up to 500 Launderings - Removes 99.9% of microorganisms

Rubbermaid HYGEN Microfibre Dust Pad with Fringe

18" Dust Pad With Fringe - Improves debris pickup - Trap and lock away dust, dirt, and debris - Prevents the spread of infection - Reduces floor hazing - Best maintains floor finish - Faster cleaning

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