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Numatic CombiVac CVD900

The new CombiVac will be found at home in the dirtiest of places. First you have the full Structofoam construction, unmatched worldwide. Structofoam is a material formulation embodying all the strength needed for bigger machines, yet without weight penalty. It is really rugged. It doesn’t...

Numatic WV380 Heavy Duty Vacuum

A heavy duty commercial vacuum cleaner that performs equally well whether it is being used wet or dry. Its Structofoam container will ensure it stands up to years of use. For a small, efficient, easy to use wet & dry machine look no further.

Numatic WV470 Heavy Duty Vacuum

The WV470 provides a larger alternative to the 370-380 series, with twice the capacity but to the same high performance standard be it wet or dry. The folding handle design allows easy movement when in use, whilst being compact to store. Large rear wheels provide...

Numatic WV570 Commercial Vacuum

Small – medium size single motor wet & dry vac. 23L capacity with 1200W motor giving 40L/sec airflow. A highly portable and rugged machine for commercial and light industrial use

Numatic WVD1800AP Large Wet Vacuum

Large wet vac. General spec. as the WVD1800DH model but with the addition of a fully integrated submersible pump system allowing for continuous suction and pump-out facilities such required for: salvage work, flood damage, flat roofing, fire services and the like.

Numatic WVD1800DH Large Wet Vacuum

Large wet & dry vac. with dual motors (2400W), big 70L capacity and convenient dump hose for ease of emptying. Super-tough Structofoam container and power head.

Numatic WVD570 Wet Vacuum

Small – medium size dual-motored wet & dry vac. Construction, size and capacity as WV570-2 but with 2400W power giving 80L/sec airflow. A highly portable and rugged machine for commercial and light industrial use.

Numatic WVD900 Commercial Vacuum

Large commercial / industrial wet & dry vac. With dual motors (2400W) giving 80L/sec airflow. Includes Structofoam container, tipper system and excellent mobility.

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