RapidClean Sudzee Sink Detergent

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Sudzee Sink Detergent is an active multi-purpose detergent formulated to cut through baked-on grease. This high sudsing liquid is delicately perfumed with an apple fragrance and is guaranteed to deliver great cleaning results. Sudzee Sink detergent is recommended for a wide variety of cleaning applications such as pots and pans, dishes, glassware and light duty cleaning tasks on hard surfaces.

Available in 5 Litre or 15 Litre or a 1 Litre Bottle (Bottle Only).

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RapidClean Sudzee Sink Detergent

RapidClean Sudzee Sink Detergent is a highly concentrated neutral liquid detergent formulated for hand dishwashing applications and in a wide variety of manual cleaning operations. SUDZEE is a green liquid with a fresh APPLE aroma.

SUDZEE has a wide variety of uses including hand dishwashing operations in all institutional areas such as hospitals, food service, clubs and restaurants. The highly active biodegradable synthetic
wetting agents in SUDZEE ensure that the toughest soils and grease are removed quickly and effectively to leave crockery and cutlery sparkling clean.


  • Highly Concentrated with Neutral Ph
  • Free Rinsing and Contains a fresh APPLE fragrance
  • Penetrates Soil Quickly
  • Contains organic Sequestrants
  • Phosphate Free formulation and is Fully biodegradable


  • Ensures economy in use and safe to use on all surfaces.
  • Leaves crockery and cutlery spot free.
  • Eliminates lingering cooking odours.
  • Rapidly emulsifies food soils and grime
  • Gives optimum performance in either soft of hard water.
  • Product registered under Accords Recognised – Environmental Credentials Scheme

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