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Mattek Absorba Mat

Heavy Duty Mat for High Traffic Areas

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Mattek Absorba Mat

Mattek Absorba Mat is a heavy duty carpet mat with a non slip rubber backing. The raised square surface pattern provide a bi level construction to assist in removing debris and moisture while the non trip ramped safety edge acts as a dam to contain water and particles trapped in the mat and prevent it from being brought into the facility. Being the most absorbent mat, this mat is suitable for high traffic entrances and areas where maximum water absorption is required to prevent slips and falls. Available in a range of standard sizes to suit a variety of doorways, the Absorba mat can also be customised as a loose lay mat or recessed into the floor if required.


  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Shopping Centres
  • Drink Fountains
  • Shops


Some of the great features include:

  • Rubber Dam border contains debris and moisture in the mat
  • Unique non skid backing is suitable for every floor surface
  • Non trip safety edges are safe and suitable for trolleys
  • Reinforced pattern means that the material will not flatten retaining its performance for life
  • Super absorbent high traffic carpet surface for maximum performance

Absorba Mat


620 x 860mm, 860 x 1440mm, 1140 x 1690mm


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