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Glomesh Diamond Stone Floor Pads 3000 grit

– 2 units per pack

The final stage of preparation. The floor is now ready for daily maintenance with this pad especially with light coloured floors. Lifts gloss level, continues to remove light scratches. For maintenance use with either Regular Speed or for improved gloss, with UHS burnisher.

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Glomesh Diamond Stone Floor Pads

The Glomesh Diamond Pads System provides the highest quality results as part of the industry leading range of floor pads by Glomesh and Pall Mall. Glomesh New Zealand has been innovative in Diamond floor pad technology for wet or dry buffing/polishing of stone floors such as; marble, granite, stone tiles and other. Use only water for the startup process. Ongoing maintenance can be done by dry-buffing of floors under an Ultra High Speed burnisher, and using the 6000 Grit Pads. Maintain floors in a way that is better for the environment.



325mm, 375mm, 400mm, 425mm, 450mm, 475mm, 500mm, 525mm


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