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Fang 26T Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer Battery

Fang 26T Scrubber Dryer
Power Input 24V Battery
Rated Power 560W
Scrubbing Width 660mm
Solution/Recovery Tank 66/75L
Squeegee Width 810mm
Productivty Rate 2600 m2/hr Sound Pressure Level 68 dB(A) Brush Size 330mm Weight 266kg One year commercial warranty

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Fang 26T Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer Battery

A large, though easy to use scrubber/dryer ideally suited to large areas in tough and dirty settings.
Transaxle drive system with variable speed drive.
Adjustable brush pressure to suit harder cleaning needs.
Ideally suited for scrubbing and drying in tough and dirty environments such as building sites and industrial environments.



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