RCR Pro-Val Armgard Sleeve Protector

Armgard sleeve protector for wet and messy areas, available in white or blue. HACCP Australia Food Safety Certification Armgard is made from polyethylene (PE) for wet and messy areas Elastic both ends, heat sealed, no side seams 40cm long Lightweight Available in white and blue...
RCR Armgard Sleeve Protector

RCR Pro-Val Lightouch Sleeve Protector

provides a lightweight, breathable coverage from your wrist to elbow helping to ensure no gap between glove/arm and contains loose sleeves out of the way. Available in blue or white. HACCP Australia Food Safety Certification Lightouch is made from polypropylene (PP) and is breathable Elastic...
RCR Lightouch Sleeve Protector

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