Clean Food Handling Area


This course covers the legislative and cleaning requirements to maintain food-handling areas where the work does not involve direct food contact. This unit is not appropriate for a person who has direct contact with food, raw materials or ingredients.

Food-handling areas include food courts and industrial food-processing plants.

The course teaches students legal requirements, hygiene and cleaning procedures when working in a food handling area. Selecting the appropriate equipment, chemicals and cleaning methods is essential to maintaining a hygienic, clean and safe food handling environment.

In this course you will learn how to:


Section 1 – Introduction to food handling and hygiene

Section 2 – Assess cleaning requirements for food handling area

Section 3 – Select cleaning equipment and chemicals

Section 4 – Prepare for cleaning

Section 5 – Cleaning food handling and food service areas

Section 6 – Clean and store equipment


This course covers all required knowledge content for the following competency units:

CPPCLO3038A Clean food-handling areas

Cost $29.70 (incl. GST)
Unit code & name Clean food-handling areas
Pre-requisite None
Delivery 100% online, no classroom or assignments.
Time 3 minutes to enrol,  4-6 hours – self paced
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